Australian Deaths Qtr 1 2021

Australian Deaths Qtr 1 2021

This is the most recent statistic from a country whose economy has been all but destroyed by criminal politicians and the misled who agree with their illegal dictates.

And the further tragedy is that in Australia, according tothe government’s own statistics, 338 people have been reported as having died subsequent to their COVID shot. (Over 20,000 in EU and USA.)

To put that in perspective, we have had ONE single person die in Australia this year due to COVID and we have had 338 people reportedly die within days of receiving the COVID shot.

This is the COVID shot that according to the manufacturers’ documentation does not reduce the severity of symptoms, does not prevent you from getting COVID and does not prevent you from infecting others with COVID if you get infected.

All for an infection that leaves 99.9% or more of us alive. Similar overall death rate to the seasonal flu, worse in older folks but much less in the under 60s.

I am not your mother so I can’t tell you what to do.

I am not your doctor so I cannot legally give you a medical recommendation, with or without the advising you of the risks.

But I am a friend so I can urge you to do your homework before submitting your body to an experimental gene therapy where in previous trials all the ferrets died due to their immune system over reacting to subsequent exposures to infections in the wild.

From my email footer:

Our most formidable enemies are:
Personal and collective ignorance,
personal and organisational out-ethics,
lack of personal integrity and
lack of self-discipline.

What we don’t know and what we know we should do but do not discipline ourselves to do are two things that will kill us. Gradually or suddenly.

Do your homework! has a great many articles and videos from a variety of medical professionals advising you of the things your doctor does not know or won’t tell you. That data could save your life or the lives of those you love. Don’t die due to ignorance.