7 Tips For Dealing With Health Advisers

A Facebook friend asked me if she should tell her health adviser about a symptom as she was afraid the adviser would prescribe mroe drugs to her. This was my response.
1. Always and only do what you know to be right, regardless of whom it upsets, offends, ticks off or disappoints. After all, you have to live with you.
2. Endeavour to do it in a manner that minimises upset with others.
3. Always provide an adviser with ALL the facts you have on the subject so they can give you the best advice relevant to your circumstances.
4. If you do not understand something, ask them to explain it.
5. If you do not agree with their advice or recommendation, ask for what alternatives are available and the data that they have that supports their recommendation.
6. If that does not resolve the disagreement you have with their advice, tell them the data you are operating on and what you consider to be your best course of action and see what they say. Then revise your stance or not, as YOU see fit.
7. NEVER surrender to a domineering or authoritarian attitude or take advice with which you do not agree given in that manner. Those are almost always wrong as they are an attempt to overwhelm you rather than assist you. The two are not compatible.

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