For District of Columbia Residents

If you live in DC, know this. If you know anyone who lives in DC, please share this with them.

Urgent action is needed before November 10, 2020 to stop a predatory bill! The Council of the District of Columbia (D.C. Council) is moving quickly to pass dangerous legislation that would remove parents from their children’s healthcare decision-making.

Under B23-0171, children 11 and older would be able to give consent for doctors and other vaccine administrators to vaccinate them without their parents’ knowledge or consent. (This includes the impending coronavirus vaccine that’s being brought to market at warp speed that has serious safety concerns.) The bill would also require insurance companies, vaccine administrators and schools to conceal from parents that the child has been vaccinated.


B23-0171 poses a grave danger not only to children but to their parents’ ability to care for their children and to make healthcare decisions that are in their best interest. Minor children do not have the emotional maturity or intellectual capacity to make important medical decisions. This includes being able to make a well informed decision that takes into account each vaccine’s unique risk profile as well as the child’s own personal and family medical history (for example, prior vaccine reactions as well factors like allergies, autoimmune disease or neurological disorders).

More importantly, if a child consents to vaccination without a parent’s knowledge and that child has an adverse reaction, the parent would have no way of knowing what is responsible for the child’s sudden decline in physical, mental or emotional health; this lack of knowledge could be life-threatening.

If you live in the District or your child attends school there, take action NOW! If not, please share with everyone that you know in the D.C. area today! A second reading of the bill and final vote is scheduled for November 10. Send a pre-drafted (and customizable) email and tweet to D.C. Council members and Mayor Muriel Bowser urging them to preserve parental choice and vote NO on B23-0171!

In solidarity,

Stand for Health Freedom