The Importance of Telomeres

I have a chapter on Telomeres in my book. If you have my book and you haven’t read that chapter yet, pull it out and read it!

If you don’t yet have my book, this advert for a telomere boosting formula is nowhere near as comprehensive but it will give you some basic data on why the little caps on your DNA strands are so important to preserve!

If reading it piques your interest and you want more great data on how to preserve the optimal functioning of your brain and body, head on over to and pick up the pdf for a measly $47 or a printed copy for $97.

I am just finishing a new batch of my Stem Cell formula that contains all the ingredients in this advertised Telomere formula plus about three dozen more ingredients, all having a reputed or proven great benefit to your body’s repair and rebuild capacity. If you are not operating at your peak performance level, it might be worth considering.