Berlin 20200829

Berlin 20200829

We made it. We had to overcome a lot of bad barriers but we made it, legal, peacefull and with love.

We listened to JFK jun and he was pretty sure that the press will tell tomorrow that he had spoken to thousands of Nazis today. The Black PR this media used is to call all of us Nazis. I haven‘t seen one.

We haven‘t seen any violence from the people and there where enough provocations. They had all the stones laying out like in the US and not one got used. Even when they have put us in a trap where it was impossible to keep distant when everybody was walking on a street which got smaller and smaller and they locked the street and people kept moving into this street. Here they stopped the demonstration walk but not the demonstration itself how the media interpreted it. We found our way through all the roads to the main place.

Therefore I can‘t say how many people were there as they were everywhere, in every street, in every park. I‘m pretty sure it was more then last time and that were 1.3 million. I assume we were 2-3 million.

The media needs to put the numbers down as there‘s something like a rule, if a protest is about 10% of the people the majority skips and others are changing their mind and their ideas. That’s why they try to put it down, promote false numbers and put every bad barrier there which they can get hold of.

At the moment we have 130 lawyers running for justice and to end this criminal system.

We have over 1000 doctors who can proof the false system. We have policemen who spoke out and lost their jobs and continuing to speak out. I‘m proud of these Germans and we‘re just starting. Love you. We‘re going to get our world back and this time better then ever before.