An Intelligent Medical Viewpoint

Written by and ICU nurse who said to me she’d rather stay anonymous – Death rate of covid in Aus is 0.015%.

“Has logic and common sense truly gone? Like seriously I am actually losing faith in humanity’s ability to think for themselves. All I hear is people regurgitating informtation like zombies. This is more like a zombie apocalypse actually of the blind leading the blind. Since when do hundreds of experts get completely censored, some who have greater credentials than those giving advice to our government?

They fail to put context to mortality numbers are : 122 deaths on Australia – just 3 below the age of 60 (I’ve seen some pretty ‘old’ 60 year olds in terms of physical condition- these numbers are over 6 months! ALSO after BLM and no lockdown for quite some time!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOWS that not having lockdown didn’t cause a massive Italy catastrophe

This equates to every second month one person under the age of 60 has died. I can assure you this number is low.

Also, total number of deaths – 122 over 6 months equals 20 people out of 8 million dying every month.

Now if anyone has any Understanding about how many people die of old age every week and month of viruses on the background of old age they would understand in terms of mathematics the numbers are insignificant in terms of being a medical crisis.

All you have to do is look up gastroenteritis symptoms and see the deaths in mainly children and elderly- far younger cohort than covid. Where was the lockdown for this in the past when every season gastro sweeps though nursing homes and kills also babies and children????? Virus isn’t even fully understood. Past influenza seasons have far far higher mortality rates.

Now, surgical masks misconceptions. They DO NOT stop tiny virus particles going through ! These are tiny tiny particles. Surgical masks are made to prevent large droplets if saliva from a SURGEON entering the open cavity of a patient and prevent LARGE droplet splatter from the patient getting on the surgeons face. 0% effective in regards to small virus particles- this is quoted by infection control nurse specialist that o have shared in a previous video from the UK and a surgeon plus many many more health professionals all over the world including our own government at the start of all this, so frustrating people can’t see this MASSIVE contradiction.

N95 masks although better still don’t offer full protection. They then for both types of masks need to be thrown out after 2-3 hours use. They need to also be taken off the correct way as you run the risk of the mask harbouring germs inside it. So tour choice but don’t tell people what to do when there is no science behind it.

People need to think critically and look at the goddam data and look at this in context of age and time!

The economic downfall of this will kill far far more (already has) then the virus. If anyone actually gave a crap about saving lives they would be for opening the economy properly instead of using their own selfish fear and projecting on others that isn’t even statically valid. I’ve noticed a lot of unhealthy people ie smokers preaching to others- stay at home- maybe take your cigarette out of your mouth first before dictating health.

People are allowing fear to control them by buying into fear mongering by the Andrews government and the mainstream media and then PROJECTING THEIR own fears on to others.

I’m sorry but I’m starting to get incredibly frustrated with the condemning of others who think logically and choose not to live in a constant state of fear and i am also frustrated with the ignorance that people seem not to see past the propaganda and think 💭- like just think for yourself . Think- is it normal for the ADF to be deployed given these numbers? Is it normal to be fined for not wearing a mask given these numbers? Is it normal for a child to be ripped from a mother in police brutality given these numbers ? Is it valid to have more people die as a result of lockdown ? Is it good character for people to be dobbing in their neighbours ? Is it ok that people lose their entire lively hood given these numbers ?

Well guess what- this is what they are trying to condition you to- “the new normal”. Hope those dictating health advice to others enjoy our new dictatorship coming our way because you’ve literally asked for it.”


What the writer does not realise is that this lack of ability to think is not new. Only 13-20% (I have heard different calculations) of people think. The rest of them react emotionally, as can be observed in our preset situation. And as I said, this is not new. The first mention I have heard it being documented is this one:

The project was housed in Wellington House, named after the Duke of Wellesly.
American specialists drafted to help Lords Rothmere and Northcliffe included Edward
Bernays and Walter Lippman. The group held “brain storming” sessions to work out
techniques for mobilizing mass support for the war, especially among the working class
people whose sons were expected to go to the slaughter fields of Flanders in record

Using Lord Rothmere’s newspaper, new manipulative techniques were tried out and, after a period of about 6 months, it was apparent that they were a success. What the
researchers discovered was that only a very small group of people understood the process of reasoning and the ability to observe the problem as opposed to passing an opinion on it. This, said Lord Rothmere, was the way in which 87% of the British public approached the war, and that the same principle applied not only to the war, but to every conceivable problem in society in general.

In this manner, irrationality was elevated to a high level of public consciousness. The
manipulators then played upon this to undermine and distract the grasp of reality
governing any given situation and, the more complex the problems of a modern industrial society became, the easier it became to bring greater and greater distractions to bear so that what we ended up with was that the absolutely inconsequential opinions of masses of people, created by skilled manipulators, assumed the position of scientific fact.

You can view the original document on the CIA’s own website: