COVID Psyop – Government by deception and the Coronavirus mortality fraud


The following article provides you with a great overwiew of the Coronavirus fraud perpetrated by our nation’s enemies with the collusion and collaboration of dimwits and lunatics in our own government.

In-a-nutshell summary
The entire Coronavirus hysteria and resultant lockdown with its consequential – and intended – massive damage to the country was based upon the falsehood that were were facing the spread of a virus of unprecedented scale and killing power.

That treacherous false report to the nation was based itself upon a number of falsehoods, the primary and most central of which were the alarming mortality statistics (flanked by even more alarming “mathematical” predictions by hand-picked incompetent “experts”) with which we were bombarded daily.

These statistics were and are FALSE.

Deliberately, knowingly and cynically falsely-reported day in and day out in an effort to terrorise the nation into compliance with its own debilitation.

The agent of that bombardment was the mainstream media. The two primary paymasters of the MSM are (1) the government and (2) the pharmaceutical industry, which stands to make a packet if its pals and proxies in government can con, browbeat or intimidate the nation into buying a dodgy, booby-trapped vaccine.

Truthful reporting of the actual mortality rate and factual dissemination of the true data about the nature of this illness would have revealed an illness not to be taken lightly but would not have justified the totalitarian theft of our liberties and much of our prosperity by a government gone, evidently, insane.

When someone is deliberately and knowingly deceiving you by falsely-reporting the statistics, one thing you can know with certainty is that they are up to no good. And so it has transpired.

Enjoy the article and don’t forget to tell your government where to shove its deceit.