This applies in the US, No data on Oz.

Shared by a friend:
……”For those who cannot wear a mask Steve Bashirs wife has spoken to an ADA attorney and constitutional attorney on these ever-increasing issues we are witnessing on film on our feeds.
Here is the final say:
When you enter a store without a mask, and an employee states you must wear a mask, you MUST STATE you have a medical or religious exemption from wearing a mask.
Once you make this qualifying statement every clerk, sales associate, manager, team leader, cashier, anyone who is working at a store or shop is required by law to allow you to enter and shop hassle free.
It doesn’t matter what province, county, city.There is no “mask law.”
IF the employee CONTINUES the conversation in any way, YOU WALK AWAY.
You then file a CIVIL CHARGE against the employee or employees who are forcing you to wear a mask after you have qualified your exemption.
This really isn’t that difficult people.There are fines, prison sentences and serious consequences for clerks who make $8/hour impersonating PPE OSHA specialists, doctors and law enforcement officers.
Because that is what the store clerk is doing: they are impersonating those experts.
They are also violating your HIPAA protections as well as your constitutional protections.
When you leave the store don’t worry about names, the police you go to to file charges with against the employee will do the investigation for you. They will find the name of the employee or employees and they will serve them.
You can also get a lawyer. If you have a disability, get a disability lawyer. If you have a religious exemption you get a constitutional lawyer
There is no mask law.
Businesses will never ever get shut down for not closing or not endorsing a mask suggestion. It’s simply store policy and store policy does not trump constitutional or HIPAA (USA) and PIPEDA (Canada) protections.
Stop caring what people think. Stop being victims.
There are judges waiting at the ready to side with you.
Lawyers waiting to help you. And despite these intimidating cops in the video, sheriffs that are ready to file civil charges against people impersonating them.
Why is this hard to understand?”