Superior Competence

My mind got to wandering a couple of days ago and I thought about what it takes to be really competent at something. Maybe because I am listening to some really good musical artists.
If you look over the areas of life in which you are the most competent you will probably see that the following holds true.
First you had to be willing to face or Confront the subject. You did not say, “Oh, I couldn’t confront doing THAT!”
You then had to Communicate with either the theory or the objects of the subject to Learn about them.
Once you gained a certainty on the theory/objects of the subject you acquirecd Knowledge.
To increase your competence you Drilled the doingnesses of the subject to acquire Competence.
As you continued to Apply the doingnesses you would Review your actions to see if they obtained the desired product and, if not, you would Revise your actions to imrove the quality or quantity of the final product.
And if you continue to Apply, Review and Revise you can get to a VERY high level of Competence.
Again, the steps are:
ConfrontCommunicateLearnUnderstandKnowDrill the ActionsCompetenceApplyReviewRevise
I know, CCLUKDCARR is not a great sounding acronym but the sequence wasn’t set to conform to a nice sounding acronym it was listed to help you teach someone what it takes to be as good as you are at what you do best.
Hope it helps!