Dare To Dream

How to grow a better, hardier and more desirable global civilisation
by Fabian Ubiquitus

“The greatest and most liberating dreams are dreamed by those who are awake.

“We need to encourage, foster, promote and nurture the dream of unity at grass roots level among all people of good will across the human community of Earth.

“This is unity that springs FROM the human community and is inspired by our natural human brotherhood – as opposed to a fake unity imposed UPON us using trickery, manipulation and outright murder by a self-styled elite who think of us as cattle to be herded and controlled.

“The “elite” has presented us with no inspiring dream that engages our willingness or desire, hence THEIIR dream is imposed by catastrophic utopian tinkering in world turned into their laboratory in which we are little more than lab rats.

“Their dream is of no value to us. It is not even very intelligent. It is all about how to STOP Man.

“A better dream, a superior dream, a universally more desirable and inspiring dream that will sweep theirs aside, is how to START Man. Yet not merely to start Man, but to open the throttle and watch him SOAR!

“They, of course, fear that we will come together and agree upon ideas bigger and better than theirs, for it is ideas, not wars, nor government edicts nor the lies of Man’s defamers and deceivers that drive the forward progress of humanity. And so they will pull every trick in their sly arsenal of suppression to keep us divided and prevent us from dreaming big.

“As we come together, we need to formulate, agree and build our own dream, our own goal of global community that will by its co-creation enhance the survival potential of ALL of us now and in perpetuity.

“We can do it!

“By which I mean, of course, YOU can do it!”

Fabian Ubiquitus