In brief: the COVID19 state of play

by Jon Davy

Here’a a brief in-a-nutshell summary of the state of play regarding the COVID 19 attack on our nations under the guise of “dealing with” a pandemic.

It is now established that

it is not highly contagious
you can’t catch it twice
it is rare to catch it off surfaces
it is extremely rare or non-existent to catch it from someone with no symptoms
too few people actually catch it or die from it for it to be truly scary so to make it truly scary the numbers have to be grossly inflated through such ruses as counting routine flue cases as COVID 19, making sure the infection spreads through nursing homes etc etc
if you do catch it, you are 99.97% likely to survive if you are less that 70 years old and aren’t already ill with other diseases.
its fatality and serious illness figures are in the same ball park as seasonal flu
there are several remedies for it that make it even less scary – such as the use of hydroxychloroquine

As it dawns on more and more people that we have been had, increasing desperation sets in among the conspirators who have engineered this hoax as they realise it is starting to derail.

So, sticking doggedly to the game plan, collaborators in the media and our own government ignore all this and KEEP RIGHT ON propagandising it regardless.

Like a child caught out in a lie, they have nowhere else to go with it but keep right on lying in the hope that if insisted upon long enough and hard enough with sufficient sincerity, the lie will again be believed.

Hence the official narrative increasingly at odds with the observable reality of the situation and the apparency of a government increasingly disconnected from reality.

Through the mechanism of lockdown, the intended destruction and demoralisation of our economic and social well being can (they hope) continue.

We are being played into cooperating with our own destruction.

This is an attack designed so that the target cannot or will not (they hope) fight back. It is a covert way to destroy a target too strong to fight openly.

It is a psychological warfare attack and a sly attempt at conquest of free people by cowardly degenerates.

The people behind it and their collaborators in government are not our friends.

They are treasonous subversives.

If we unite and fight back, we will defeat them