Fluoride Trial Good News!

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The landmark federal trial pitting FAN and others against the US EPA over water fluoridation came to a dramatic turning point Wednesday. FAN has argued that fluoride’s ability to impact the mental development of both the fetal and infant brain posed an unacceptable risk to millions of Americans (and others) drinking fluoridated public water supplies. The dramatic moment came when, after both sides had completed their summary statements, the federal judge surprised everyone by recognizing the key plank in the plaintiffs’ case and undermining the key argument in the EPA’s case.

The judge said:

So much has changed since the petition was filed…two significant series of studies – respective cohort studies – which everybody agrees is the best methodology. Everybody agrees that these were rigorous studies and everybody agrees that these studies would be part of the best available scientific evidence.

The EPA appears to have applied a standard of causation, which from my read of TSCA is not accurate. It’s not a proper allocation. It’s not the proper standard.

In short, after 20 years of work by FAN and its supporters, and 70+ years of campaigning by opponents of fluoridation since its inception, Wednesday felt like a moment in time where the validity of our objections was finally recognized on a world stage.

According to FAN director Paul Connett, PhD, “While this is not a final victory for FAN it indicates a path forward to achieve that final victory. Needless to say we are very excited about this outcome. We had our 7 days in court. We had some of the best experts in the world testify on our behalf and our lawyers, especially Michael, were brilliant in presenting our case. Here now is the day in more detail. The invisible science is now visible and the voiceless have been heard. It’s official, it’s in the record, and no one can take that away.”