What In The World Are They Doing?

Or, more accurately, what in the world are we letting them get away with?

I rarely watch the TV news or read a newspaper in print or online. Haven’t for nearly half a century. I heard then from more than one source that what you saw was overblown, sensationalist hype, rarely truthful and designed to take you down tone. When I looked with that viewpoint I found it to be true, so I quit beating myself with their brand of demotivating harrassment.

As I walked through the lounge last night I made the mistake of pausing to see what was on the TV. The news was on.

What a production! The COVID-19 fear mongering was at a level of 20 out of 10! They were going to town six ways from Sunday to blow the fear porn through the roof! I thought, “No wonder people are accepting the insanity of the government lockdown!”

So I got to thinking further about this. And I’m going to ask you a question. Before you read on, please take a split second to breathe out, relax and answer it as objectively as you can.

If, six months ago, a friend had casually said, “I hear the flu this year will be five times as bad as it normally is.” what would have been your reaction?

I’ll wager the first thing that came to mind was not, “We must trash tens of thousands of small businesses, the major employers of most of the workforce, put hundreads of thousands of people out of work, waste 3 times the money of our total existing national debt (about which we are already being justly criticised), impose draconian restrictions of personal freedoms and threaten to not relax them until we can inflict an untrialled vaccine on the population.”

No, I’ll lay London to a lolly that’s not what you would have said. You’re saner than that.

This deliberately overhyped, overblown reaction to something that is a mild to moderate infection to 80% of the people who get it and, now that the solution is available (link below) to quickly and cheaply treat the other 20%, this fear driven insanity must end. We must minimise the damage to people’s lives, businesses and the economy as a whole and restore personal freedoms by reversing this destructive program. #RestoreFreedom

The infection IS being defeated and there ARE specific steps you can take to
a) minimise your risk of infection
b) boost the ability of your body to survive an infection and
c) defeat the infection if it occurs.

I have documented them here:

Please feel free to pass on this information.