Secrets of the Sambar

Bushfire Image From Secrets of the Sambar

During the 2003 bushfires which burnt 1.3 million hectares of forested mountain country in north east Victoria and Gippsland, the author studied the immediate to long term effects of these fires on Sambar and other wildlife. Errol continued his study after the 2006/07 fires which burnt another 1.2 million hectares throughout the north east and Gippsland. As well as spending countless months on the ground, Errol flew over the massive area destroyed by these infernos, during which he photographed the devastating impact.

Errol’s study resulted in the publication of the 45 page chapter Bushfire – Immediate to Long Term Effects in Secrets of the Sambar Volume 2. He describes the recycling and regenerating power of nature from the moment everything has been reduced to ash to the succulent and nutritious regrowth which follows. Errol explains the immediate to long term effects on sambar survival, reproduction and antler growth. He discovered that where you will find sambar in the months after the fire is determined by the intensity of the burn in that area. To purchase Secrets of the Sambar Volume 2 go to our website –