Yesterday I was reviewing the data that I had compiled in my book, Specifically the section on Telomeres, the caps on the ends of your DNA strands that reflect the speed at which you age, after I came across this bit of data:
A study led by Eli Puterman, PhD, found that non-exercising women with histories of childhood abuse had shorter telomeres than women who did not experience such abuse. Interestingly enough, abuse victims who exercised vigorously at least three times a week showed NO such link! It appears that regular exercise effectively negated the detrimental effects of childhood abuse trauma on their telomeres.
And once again it was brought home to me how important exercise is to our overall well being, health and longevity.
I now have 5 persoanl trainers I know who are passionate about genuinely helping you enjoy optimal health. Here are their contact details:
Michael Wilson 0413 344 948 (Glebe\Ultimo\Pyrmont\Broadway)
Alex Bastianon 0402 815 131 and Ryan McTeigue 0438 696 341 (Caringbah)
Rob Charlwood 0418 225 200 (Petersham\Marrickville\Newtown)
Rudi and Tracey Marashlian (Los Angeles)
Bumped into Michael this morning and he told me he has an insane special on at present, 10 weeks training and a personal consultation for $20! How could you not? He has arranged this at but their site is down for maintenance at present so just give him a call and chat to him personally.

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