34 Genders On An Aussie Passport?

This isn’t going to change anyone’s mind but it may be of value in helping somone voice their thoughts.
If I held out a stick and said, “This is a stick.” few would disagree.
If I held out a rock and said, “This is a rock.” likewise, few would disagree.
If I held out a stick and said, “This is a rock.” most people would form the opinion that I was nuts. Because I was disagreeing with their reality. That has been the test of sanity these many years past. If you disagree with most people’s reality you are classed as insane. And reality is basically agreement.
A stick is not a rock. A rock is not a stick. Claiming a stick is a rock or a rock is stick is stating a lie. It is an insanity.
The Creator (or, if you don’t believe that, evolution) gave us two genders and only two genders. We were given them for a reason. Many reasons in fact. It takes one of each to make a pair. Pairs mate and we have successive generations. The species survives. It’s been very simple and has worked for man and beast since the game began.
Saying different does not change natural laws. Doing different does not change natural laws. If we had nothing but men pairing with men and women pairing with women the race would die out in a single generation. Therefore that is unworkable as an operating basis. Despite the loud protestations to the contrary of those who would violate the natural laws.
There is a legal principle that ignorance of the law is no defence. Ignorance offers no protection. That may very well have come from observation of natural laws. You can be ignorant of gravity and still fall to your death.

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