What Will It Take!

I posted a comment recently on FB to which someone asked my opinion, was it hopeless?

This was the guts of my response. I have added slightly to it.

I am currently asking myself the all important four word question (as well as discussing it with my daughter) “What will it take?”

To get vaccines from poisoning our children.
To get fluoride out of the water.
To stop destroying farmland for coal.
To stop destroying our aquifers for gas.
To stop the sell off of our farms, electricity and other assets to foreign nationals.

All of which I consider insane.

All these non-optimum conditions occur because someone gains from them.

The conclusion I have come to is nothing happens by chance.

Everything happens because it benefits someone – follow the money.

JFK said “There are no accidents in politics.”

I can see three reasons that politicians vote for these insanities. All require that they do not look for themselves.

I. They have been fed a steady stream of lies so they believe them.

  1. They are lobbbied by representatives of donors to their reelections campaigns so are swayed in that direction.
  2. They are given or promised or otherwise stand to obtain personal gain by votring a certain way.

Since it is hard to convince a man to change his mind when his livelihood depends on him maintaining his existing point of view and donations to political parties by corporations are allowed (let alone the guy who sold the port of Darwin to the Chinese is now employed by that company at a salary of $800,000 a year) then I do not believe putting the facts in front of our elected representatives will make much difference.

I beieve it will take educating and enlightening a sufficiently large enough group of active people so that the demand to change will overwhelming. That can take a long or a little time, depending on how effective we are at communicating the necessity to upset the status quo – which most are reluctant to embrace.

So anything you can do to “foward the message” in the way of reposting what I post, signing up for my newsletter (www.tlat.net) so you have those on file and can refer to them, seaching my blog (www.tomgrimshaw.com/tomsblog) or just engaging others in conversation adds to the movement.

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