Struggling with Depression? Your Gut May be Damaged by GMOs


It is probably no surprise to anyone that since the fear campaign was launched on the population 911, deressions rates have gone up. What is disturbing is that 13+ years on, the trend worsens! And GMOs do not help! They harm. From the article:

A survey of 41 million health records shows that depression rates have risen universally across the United States. The study reviewed depression rates from 2013 to 2016, and in just three years the rate of increase was very significant. According to health records, major depression among teens rose by a whopping 63%. Young adults faired a little better with a rise of 47%, and those over age 35 saw an increase of 23 to 26%. Of note, however, is that while the older adult population did not rise as much, they already had substantial rates of major depression in 2013—meaning that the increase shows an already bad situation getting worse.

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