UN Disarmament Pgm

UN Disarmament Pgm

This is a list of conditional targets to genocide.

Don’t think it can’t happen again. Last centrury over 100 million people were killed by their governments.

When a government fears the people, you have freedom.

When a people fears the government, you have tyranny.

When a government wants their citizenry educated, informed, armed and willing to resist oppression, in any form, you have a saner government and a saner, freer society.

When a government wants a controlled, obedient, uneducated and ill informed populace you have dependence and slavery.

Do your own histroy on these points so you recognise these truths then educate and inform your fellow citizens because it is useless only you knowing and acting on these things.

You CAN do something effective.

Be educated.

Be informed.

Spread the word.

Not everyone will listen. A small percentage want to destroy everyone and every thing. 20% of people support them. Only 20% want to improve. Reach those 20% and help them.

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