Parents are hosting chicken pox parties so their kids can ‘get it over with,’ but a pediatrician says the practice is a gamble

chicken pox

And vaccines aren’t a gamble? Give me a break! Actually, no. I stand corrected. Vaccines are not a gamble. They are a dead set certainty to harm! It’s just to what degree. That’s the gamble. The harm ranges from minor immune damage, asthma or food allergies to autism to death. You gets your shot and you takes your gamble. Just listened to an interview by RF Kennedy Jnr where he says 2.3% of people who get it develop an autoimmune disease, FIFTY PER CENT of people who get the Gardisil vaccine have a severe reaction within 6 months! The death rate during the trials was double the normal rate, the miscarriage rate was 5 times the normal rate, 5 times the fertility problems and an INCREASED risk of cancer! AND TO TOP IT OFF, THERE IS NO PROOF GARDISIL PREVENTS CERVICAL CANCER!

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