Demand More

Most of us go through life pretty much on automatic. We get up and do pretty much what we have done before. Which means we’ll wind up tomorrow with pretty much what we have as a result of yesterday’s efforts. I think that’s horrible!

I would like you to stop and rethink that operating basis and ask yourself if you want to have in three or four years time what we have today – a state government that appears to be a decision making rubber stamp for commercial vested interests, that does not protect the environment (Murray-Darling, CSG, coal mining over farm land, deforestation), that has gutted TAFE, slashed hospital funding (while retaining funding for useless chemotherapy and destructive fluoridation and psychotropic drugs) and done too little to fix our education crisis.

I would suggest it’s well past time that we as citizens demanded more. More of ourselves, more of our employers and more of the government!

Since Labor and Liberal/National Coalition have done nothing to fix the problem then they are part of the problem. As is our inaction on the subject! For if a population gets the government it deserves, we appear to be an ill deserving bunch!

The Shooters and Fishers and Greens have supported the government where they could have stood up and voted for what would have made a difference, so they lose me too.

I would ask you to not vote again for the same parties that have created the current messes but kick them out and elect the best independent on your ballot paper. One who will represent the people over a political party.

Demand More! Demand and vote for a better future for us all!

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