February 16th

In Australia, vaccine damage is mostly denied so the countless parents who have vaccinated in good faith do not get any acknowledgment whatsoever. They have done what society expects and pressures them into doing. However, when things go wrong they are treated with denials and often contempt. Most parents never read a product insert to even be aware of the side effects drug companies admit happen.

In the US.A. where vaccination is mandatory and damage is often (but not always) acknowledged, compensation is paid to the victims. In exchange for this, parents are not able to sue drug companies and doctors. The outcome is doctors are more likely to admit to the damage being done.

We have no such scheme in Australia and therefore damage is usually denied, due to the fear of being sued. These children are regarded as ‘collateral damage’, and ‘what happens for the good of the community’ – and parents are left with questions, anger and grief and often, no closure. Most are not after money as they realise money will not restore the life, health, vitality or brain of those damaged – they simply want acknowledgment and closure.

Two years ago, I proposed a Day of Remembrance for these children and families as a way to start to right this injustice. It also brings to light that many children are damaged every year. If a child is vaccinated and then has a reaction, of say, encephalitis (listed on the product insert), the baby is treated for encephalitis and not vaccine damage. If the child dies, encephalitis is listed as the cause of death on the death certificate. This is why most people are unaware of the incredible damage, including deaths, that are happening in this country and most others from vaccination.

The story of my own deceased son Jason, is on my website http://www.naturematters.info

Raggedy Ann has been used as a mascot for this day, as she was created by a father, Johnny Gruelle, whose daughter, Marcella was vaccinated at school and became very floppy and eventually died from her vaccinations.

Please pass this email far and wide to do your bit to spread the word about vaccine damage. You may just get a parent who is thinking about the issue to dig deeper and become fully informed.

Stephanie Messenger

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