Soy – Not As Good As Its Promotors Claim

Hidden Sources of Soy

There is a lot of controversy on the subject of soy — some people believe it’s a cheap, nutritious source of protein, as long as it’s organic or fermented; others believe it’s great for hormone balancing. However, soy may not be good for those with Hashimoto’s — in fact, it may actually be preventing you from healing.

During the first year of my pharmacy studies, I developed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with diarrhea, which seemed to be triggered by soy lecithin.

After cutting out soy lecithin-containing foods for a period of time, I stopped having symptoms on a daily basis, and only experienced them once or twice a week! At the time, I didn’t know that I had a thyroid condition, and it wasn’t until many years later that I was able to connect foods to the rest of my symptoms. After pharmacy school, I moved to Los Angeles and frequented posh sushi places, consuming miso soup, soybeans, and tofu, because I thought they were healthy.

Over the years, I continued to struggle with IBS, acid reflux, carpal tunnel, and many other symptoms… then I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I decided to try going gluten and dairy free, and many of my symptoms improved within a few days of removing those foods. After a while, I lost more weight than intended, and needed to find more foods I could eat… So I decided to fully commit to the gluten/dairy free lifestyle, and discovered gluten/dairy free junk food! I started eating soy-based crackers, breads, chips, milks, yogurts, and cereals. My IBS and acid reflux didn’t come back, but I became more anxious. I tested my thyroid antibodies, and they jumped to 800 IU/mL (I had them down to around 300 IU/mL prior to that). After one month off soy products, my thyroid antibodies dropped from 800 IU/mL to 380 IU/mL! I believe that my thyroid condition became worse after I began eating soy-containing gluten free products.

Read on to learn more about soy, and how you can avoid it to help reduce your thyroid symptoms. In this article, I’ll debunk some myths about the benefits of soy, and cover:

What is soy, and what are the common symptoms of soy sensitivity?
How does soy affect Hashimoto’s?
Hidden sources of soy
Soy free alternatives

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