Anxious, Depressed, Insomniac? Heal Your Gut!

Daniel Nazum

90% of your Seratonin (the feel good hormone) is produced in the gut!

“If you every study out depression, anxiety, schitzophrenia, psychosis and look at the symptoms that come with all of these you will always find gastroinstinal symptoms of some sort. Always. In every disorder. Always there. Without fail. They always go together.”

Daniel Nazum CTTP, DO, DM Naturopath, Osteopath, Oriental Medicine

The simplicity and power of this just blows me away. If you don’t feel good, improve your diet! If you If you feel depressed, improve your diet and go for a walk! How many millions of people would feel better and not need drugs if they did just those two things! Pass the word. EVERYONE needs to know this!

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