Pertussis Vacccine Increases Risk Of Disease

Pertussis Vacccine Increases Risk Of Disease

Worthless and DANGEROUS vaccine makes you a carrier of pertussis. CDC’s own annual report on pertussis says those vaccinated for it are 4-6x more likely to get the disease than those who are not vaccinated for it. And they are quietly laughing all the way to the bank, when the drug mule has also become the disease mule. Very clever.

Merkel FDA-
“His findings suggest that although people immunized with acellular vaccines may be protected from whooping cough symptoms (sometimes referred to as being “asymptomatic”), they may still become infected. And these people can then infect others, including infants.”

“That was an important finding. It provided a path forward,” Merkel explains. “Now our work is focused on trying to understand the ways we can improve the vaccine so it prevents infection and transmission, in addition to preventing disease symptoms”

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