Fulvic Minerals

Fulvic Minerals
I came across this data from a web site recommending various nutrients to protect against chemtrails. You may already be aware that I put fulvic minerals in my top bars and powders. You may not be aware that I also sell it as a product in its own right. It is very well received by those who try it.
If you are not taking my powder or eating my bars, check this out.
Is one of the richest sources of electrolytes known, which helps to maintain electrochemical balance, pH balance and maintain electrical conductivity within the body.
Fulvic acid also helps to catalyze enzymatic activity, transport vitamins and minerals into the cell, stimulate the breakdown and safe elimination of herbicides and pesticides, increases the absorption rate of nutrients in the cell, enhances healthy cell division, increases the DNA contents within cells and increases the synthesis rate of RNA in cells.
Additionally important in relation to chemtrails is how fulvic acid deals with radioactive elements and harmful metals. First, with heavy metals, fulvic acid transforms them into ionic form which means they become bio-available and absorbable forms of the metallic minerals. Thus, it is said fulvic acid is “nature’s way of chelating metallic minerals” and making them usable by the body. Quite an impressive feat.

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