Elderly Abuse in Oakden Aged Mental Health Facility Leads to New Watchdog Commission

Maintaining health does not include being drugged and beaten.
The Oakden Aged Mental Health facility in South Australia closed last year amidst headlines detailing the shocking conditions and care of its elderly residents including the use of restraints.
The horrific abuse exposed has resulted in the recent announcement by the federal government of a new watchdog agency to commence in early 2019. Called the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, their aim is to increase oversight in the sector, closing gaps that allowed abuse to go on for so long, unchecked.
South Australia’s chief psychiatrist found elderly dementia patients at the Oakden Mental Health facility were abused and neglected by their carers for over a decade. How this abuse could have gone on without detection by the office of the chief psychiatrist for so long is astounding. It is another indictment of the poor quality care that has plagued the mental health industry. Headlines of drugging the elderly with powerful drugs to keep them quiet and manageable have been across our media outlets for some years.
The investigation into Oakden Mental Health facility started when the family of Oakden patient Mr Bob Spriggs, raised concerns about unexplained bruises and over-drugging, specifically he was prescribed 500mg of the antipsychotic Seroquel instead of 50mg. Seroquel can cause heart problems and is known to increase the risk of death in dementia patients.
Other families then came forward with their stories about their relatives in Oakden.
South Australian anti-corruption commissioner released a scathing report about the care and management of Oakden. Maladministration findings were also levelled at five individuals and the public authority overseeing Oakden facility.
The new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission will do unannounced inspections of aged care facilities and those who break rules will be named and shamed on an on-line register.
To find out more about the potential dangers of psychiatric drugs including for the elderly click on this link:

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