More Mental Clarity and Lasting Physical Energy

Clearing Mental Fog
Thank you for your feedback! It means the world to me. This week a consumer of my Mother’s Blend was kind enough to tell me:
I just want to say thank you for producing such an amazing product. My overall wellbeing has been amazing and this mothers blend is amazing.
Seriously, if you know any girl who is pregnant or is considering getting pregnant, or breast feeding, let them know about it. The reports of benefits on my Mother’s blend are almost universally great! Here’s the link:…
And a chap who tried my low FODMAPs bar (for people with sensitive digestive systems) sent me this:
I received my package… …Monday and have tried the low fodmaps bars. They taste pretty good and even though I barely slept Monday night, not sure why, 30 mins after eating the bar Tuesday morning I was full of energy and my mental clarity was pretty awesome.
These seem to be the two most commonly reported differences people notice from my bars and powders, full of physical energy and awesome mental clarity.
So if you are not regularly consuming my bars or powder and are not feeling like that, give it a try! What have you got to lose but lack of energy and mental fog?

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