Look and Observe

The common denominator of tyranny and authoritarianism is a demand to agree with authority. Accompanying that is an insistence that you do not look and observe for yourself. The reason for this is that if you looked for yourself you might see the truth rather than the authoritarian line you are being force fed.
Unfortunately these days the education system is the ne plus ultra of authoritarianism in demanding that you not only do not inspect for yourself but that you are forced to learn what is dictated in the fashion dictated, regardless of whether or not that is your best learning style.
This is the opposite of freedom and is a very unfriendly was to lead people. And as an Australian there are two things on which I am keen, freedom and friendliness!
Many’s the stellar sales person I have met who could not easily assimilate the written word but who could listen and recall better than those who could read well.
I went to a workshop last night where the speaker encouraged us to take three areas of our lives (health, relationships and work) and asked us to look closely at what was actually there, not what we were hoping or wished was there or thought we wanted others to know was there or, or or… …but what was ACTUALLY there!
He then asked us to really duplicate that, understand it, and answer the question, “What would happen if you did nothing about that?” asking us to extrapolate into the future the natural consequences of inaction.
And then, “What would you need to do to improve that scenario?”
So, my message to you this week is to, just for a week, take note of your life. Really stop and look at each area of your life, personal health, hobbies and interests, family, friends, social groups, work, the area you live in and see what is really there.
Ask yourself, “If I do nothing to alter this scene, will it head where I want it to go?”
If the answer is, “No”, then ask, “What would I need to do to alter it?”
Remember those who fail to plan are planning to fail.

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