Vaccines – Two Very Simple Tests

A (slightly edited) note from Stephanie Messenger.
People often tell me it is so confusing to sort through all the science on vaccines.
So just focus on the two principle points the government is saying in favour of vaccines – that they are safe and effective.
The dictionary says safe means ‘free from harm’.
So why is there a product insert listing many conditions the vaccine caused during the trial process?
Why has the USA vax compensation fund paid out close to 4 BILLION $$$?
So that is an easy one. Vaccines are not safe.
Let’s now look at effective.
The dictionary says “acquire the desired result’.
For parents that means your child will not get the disease. The drug company’s definition is – a high antibody response was achieved.
Now here is the most important thing – THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT AN ELEVATED ANTIBODY RESPONSE EQUATES TO IMMUNITY. If you don’t agree please find the scientific research to prove that wrong.
Aside from that, there are outbreaks of diseases in the fully vaccinated so that is in itself proof.
How about stopping making this harder than it is and just focus on the above two issues – safety and effectiveness.
You owe it to your children to research – they are depending on you to keep them safe and trusting you will do what is best for them.
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