Mosqioto Bites

This weekend we saw out first fly and mosquito of the season.
If you are the “mosquitoes always seem to bite me” type, take 100 mg of B1 (thiamin) every day. Within two weeks, you should start noticing a decrease in the amount of times you’re uncomfortably smacking these pests away from your body.
If taking thiamine doesn’t work for you, try this all natural mosquito repellent recipe to help you avoid having to use chemical warfare on your body as a repellent.
All Natural Mosquito Repellent
Tea tree oil
Lavender oil
Witch hazel
Cooled boiled water
Fill an 8oz. spray bottle halfway with boiled water (allow it to cool down first!)
Add ½ tsp of witch hazel
Add 15 drops of tea tree oil
Add 15 drops of lavender oil
Use as needed

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