Vaccine Study Censored

Vaccine Study Censored
I had someone on Facebook post a pro-vaccination image with the caption, “For all the anti-vaccine people on there, here’s a little science for yah”. His comment was, “For you stupid people… …and the rest.”
In reply I posted a comment to which I have since added some:
Don’t be glib, actually think about your answers to these questions.
If vaccines work, why do vaccinated people still get the diseases against which they are vaccinated? Does that not prove they DON’T work?
(1. Whooping cough explodes in California as researchers admit vaccines are failing
2. Flu Vaccine Causes 5.5 Times More Respiratory Infections: Study
If vaccines are safe, why has the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US paid out 3.6 BILLION dollars to vaccine injured people including payments for vaccine caused autism? Does that not prove they are NOT safe?
Why did the US Supreme Court justices say in a ruling that “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”?
If vaccines do not cause harm, why did the US government pass legislation preventing the vaccine manufacturing companies from being sued?
If vaccines are safe, why can you walk into a room full of 12 mothers with autistic kids and one for one they will tell you their child was normal until vaccinated? Does that not indicate there is a link?
If vaccines don’t cause autism, why does the US Government Center for Disease Control list autism as a side effect of vaccines and why do the vaccine package inserts list it as a side effect? And why did Obama grant immunity to a CDC Whistleblower, Dr William Thompson. (Dr. Brian Hooker spent 10 years fighting the CDC and submitting over 100 Freedom of Information Acts to obtain the raw data from studies the CDC conducted that allegedly proved there was no connection between the measles MMR vaccine and autism. It was… …February of 2014, that Dr. Hooker was finally able to secure the raw data from the studies he was seeking… …which revealed that the CDC had data linking the measles MMR vaccine to autism for over 10 years.)?
Why is vaccine skepticism highest among the more intelligent?
Why do informed doctors and even an immunologist stand up against the mainstream at great personal risk and recommend against vaccination?
Why does one pro-vaccine immunologist state quite clearly (along with VERY inappropriate laughter) that vaccines can’t possibly protect infants, that the vaccines given before a child turns 1 simply don’t work. Doctors and nurses know they don’t work and the only reason they are given is to “train” parents to bring their children in so they will come back when the baby is 1-year old for their 12-month vaccines which are the important ones! Listen here:
Why would you trust anything the US government says when the government is a collection of politicians, a group of the biggest known liars and conmen, an organisation proven to have conducted illegal and immoral medical experiments on their own people?
Why would you trust anything a drug company has to say about a product from which they make billions and for which no “gold-standard” research has been done – no trials the prove the efficacy of a vaccine over boosting the immune system with good nutrition. Drug companies I might add that have been fined billions for dishonest covering up of deaths in clinical trials, selling ingredients to known drug dealers to make drugs, bribing doctors, corrupting research and recommending drugs be prescribed for things they are not allowed to treat (off-label marketing). Drug company heads who are legally obliged to make as much money for the company as they can. Who are therefore obligated to not cure anything but to fund research for treatment solutions that a customer will be on for life. If that sounds like an extreme view, watch the documentary, “The Corporation” at
The only answer I can think of is that you have not done enough homework.
Well, the good news is someone else has. He has interviewed 60 experts in the field.
Smallpox epidemics increased in number and death rates as a result of compulsory vaccination. In fact when the residents of Leicester in England protested against compulsory vaccination and overturned it and the immunisation rate plummeted from 100% to only 5%. The number and severity of outbreaks and death rates plummeted – this was due to isolation and quarantine practices.
According to the World Health Statistics Annual 1973-1976, Volume 2 “There has been a steady decline of infectious diseases in most developing countries regardless of the practice of immunizations administered in these countries.”
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! You know how the vaccine bullies call people who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines “un-scientific”? Cop this!
Robert Kennedy Jr edited a book “Thimerasol” that documents nearly 500 peer reviewed studies on thimerasol detailing how destructive a neurotoxin it is and the earlier in life it is given, the more damaging it is.
And yes, it is still an ingredient in vaccines at 300 times the level at which liquid is considered toxic.
The CDC rely on 6 studies to support the view that the Thimerasol in vaccines (50% mercury, the second most neurotoxic substance known to man) is safe. All six studies have been discredited. In fact, so badly discredited that when the Institute of Medicine asked to review the science of those studies, the CDC instructed them not to and threatened to defund the Institute of Medicine if it went ahead and reviewed the studies. So it is clear that the CDC knows the studies are fraudulent.
There were 6 studies done, three American and three Scandinavian studies. Paul Thorsen who was the CDC liaison and data collector for the Scandinavian studies is now on the run from the FBI and from Interpol for having stolen the money he was supposed to spend on that study, a million dollars from the CDC. He’s been fired from his university in Aarhus in Denmark and he is facing 22 counts of wire fraud and theft… …yet his studies are still up on the CDC’s sites as the principle studies that supposedly exonerate thimerasol from the autism epidemic.

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