Vaccination Freedom of Choice

All the way down the long and often tortuous path of history there have been men who sought to inflict by force their views on others.
Long term, that practice always fails.
When you gradually or rapidly remove from an individual the right to self-determinism, the end result is slavery.
Slave societies do not last.
Societies last longest that are built on a stable, solid foundation of strong men and women of intelligence, courage and integrity who respect the rights of others and defend their own and other’s life, liberty, property and reputation.
Those men desire and deserve freedom.
For themselves and others.
They seek not to enforce their own choices and personal preferences on others.
They know that a person does best when unrestricted and free to pursue his higher purposes.
There is a debate raging at present over the rights of the individual parent to make what he or she believes to be the best informed decision for their child’s health and welfare.
It is patently wrong for ANYONE to mandate the health choices an individual makes for him or herself or their family.
The individual and their parent has an innate awareness of their own or their child’s body and how and to what it responds.
Positively and negatively.
So the idea of forced medication was determined at Nuremburg after World War II to be a war crime.
That single fact should be enough to lay the entire mandatory vaccination argument to rest in the grave of bad ideas.
But in case not, let’s look at each of the premises and principle arguments of the pro-vaccination protagonists and look at the readily available counter-arguments.
For the choice of whether or not to vaccinate their children should not be only available to the rich who can get by without government payments.
Where there is a risk their should also be informed consent and uncoerced freedom to choose.
If a parent cannot survive economically without government assistance and the government says “No jab, No Pay” then that individual has been financially blackmailed.

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