Toe and Foot Health

Hi Tom,
I love receiving your Newsletter they are always so informative and interesting.
I have an infected big toe I cannot cure, can you please advise if you have any helpful tips please. It is not an ingrown toenail it is a infection in the toe where I was cut by a pair of nail clippers whilst having a pedicure. There is a small amount of pus.
I went on antibiotics and that did nothing. I have been rubbing coconut oil on it but just isn’t working.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I replied to him that if it were me I would try soaking it in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.
Readily available from the chemist.
Seven months later I spotted our email exchange and thought to check back. I emailed him:
How did the hydrogen peroxide go on your toe?
His response:
Worked a treat thank you Tom!
The Drs wanted to operate on my toe!
So thank you once again!
Happy New Year Tom!!
Regards C
I have also had members of my family get rid of chronic toe and foot issues with a soak in hydrogen peroxide.

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