If You Are Feeling Down…

Saw a post from an animal lover, weighed down by the cruelty of some people to animals.
If you need cheering up some time, read this:
Here’s the best advice I can give you on the subject.
1. Take a walk. Every day. Morning and night. At least 20 minutes. If you can’t do 20 do 40. It is THAT important for your peace of mind.
2. As you walk, look. At buildings, trees and other things. This extroverts your attention. African cultures have recognised this a a near cure-all for hundreds if not thousands of years.
3. While you are walking, if you see a person, put the idea of perfection in their head. Just think it at them. Who knows, they might live up to it! But, more importantly, it is therapeutic for you.
4. Start a book of your wins and successful actions. Every time you have a win or a success, every time you do something that works, write it in your book. Later, when you accidentally drop out some of your successful actions, rereading the book will remind you of them.
5. Read your book once a week. If the turkeys are getting to you, read it more often. 🙂
6. Have a specific goal you are working towards and do something on it every day.
7. Keep your sleep and nutrition at optimal. You are doing a tough job and you need the best fuel in your well-rested body.
8. Catch up on your unfinished tasks. Take pride when you tick them off your to-do list.
9. Call people you have been meaning to or have not gotten around to when you should.
10. Get some strenuous exercise in each day. Doesn’t have to be a lot. 12 minutes is all you need if you do interval or high-intensity training.
Try the above for a week and tell me how you feel after it. I double-dare you! 🙂
Abandonment and abuse of animals will not stop unless and until we improve the ability of people to solve problems optimally. That means raising the intelligence and ethic level of each member of society. Unless we address that root cause evil and ignorance will continually manifest.

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