Organising and Organisations

Psychiatric Undermining

As I lay in bed prior to starting my exercises I looked at the situation in the US (and the rest of the world) and realised the key element in any group endeavour that is missing on the side of the good guys is organisation.

Those who seek destruction have taken over the institutions of society, education, politics, judiciary, law enforcement, banking, commerce etc. and the good guys have no way to take back control of those institutions or comparable organisations to replace them.

I have previously remarked that reading all that is going on gives me the feeling that those who sat ringside watching the destruction of the Roman Empire must have had in the next to last days of Rome.

I take heart from the many good people doing things to help others but there needs to bar far more of it and on a much larger scale and that requires organisation. LOTS of organisation and I do not see that happening at present.

And if the good guys who want to maintain and improve this civilization can’t or won’t organise for its continued existence as effectively as the bad guys are organising its destruction then we best get busy organising a replacement civilization as a matter of urgency.

A quote popped up in Facebook this morning that I posted 7 years ago:

The price of freedom: constant alertness; constant willingness to fight back.

If you want more specifics on the origins of the rapid decline in this civilization, read this: