Gluten, Glyphosate, Charcoal and Zeolite

Received a great email from one of my many lovely clients and as it contained links to informative content, I should share both it and my reply with you.

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Hi Tom

Re: The item about gluten…

Rather than being gluten intolerant I think it is what our food is being sprayed with that is the problem as millions of people are now intolerant of a variety of foods not just ones that contain gluten.

I am attaching videos on Dr Zach Bush and Dr Stephanie Seneff that agree with this point.

Nowadays it is sprayed on almost everything we eat (probably why children now have peanut allergies for example).

Here is a website with a list of glyphosate sprayed foods…

List of Crops Sprayed with Preharvest Roundup | Healthy Home Economist (

A lot of people also have a form of Lyme disease which is now tying in with Morgellons disease  (not a psychological

disease – I can personally attest to this fact) and these are both causing gut issues which is aggravated by the glyphosate in what we eat.

Glyphosate may also be aggravating people with autism. Sugar seems to set them off and sugar is now sprayed with glyphosate.

I have to applaud you on your supplements. For anyone with Lyme or Morgellons it is a necessary starting point however the eradication of the culprit needs to be addressed before complete health can be obtained.

One more thing… I agree that charcoal is great but have you ever investigated Zeolite? It’s not only great for humans but it keeps the nasties now contained in rain clouds at bay in the garden…

Have a wonderful summers day and a very happy New Year!

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Hey M! Thanks heaps for those links!

I really appreciate the time you put into documenting that for me.

I have no doubt there is a lot of truth in what you say about the glyphosate but I also know that about 70 years ago they had done such a good job of increasing the size of the ears that the stalks bent under the weight, making those that touched the ground unusable:

In the new variety of wheat the level of glutenins rose by around 25 percent:

I read an article some time ago that said tests were done on the blood of WWII service men and compared with the current generation and presently a much higher percentage of people have gluten intolerance.

I also read that the body treats any injected protein as a pathogen and they started putting peanut oil in vaccines in the 1960s, shortly before peanut allergies shot to prominence.

Thanks heaps for the compliment on my supplements too. I recently watched a presentation that said there was a correct sequence to healing the body so you don’t get too bad a reaction from detoxing. It was:

1. Nourish

2. Detox then

3. Regenerate

Made sense.

Re the zeolite, yes. I had heard it was great and have included it in my Covid Vaccine Detox Protocol. I am seeing reports from unvaccinated people suffering after being in contact with the vaxxed so the detox protocol might have wider application than I first thought.

Post Covid Jab Recovery Protocol
To aid those tricked/coerced into getting the jab or those suffering after being exposed to the jabbed, I have done my best to compile a Jab Recovery Protocol from the various sources I have seen recently: