GREAT NEWS! I just received this email from the makers of That Vitamin Movie:

Hey Tom,
Have you ever heard that vitamins could help cure cancer and wondered was it all just hocus pocus or marketing BS? Were people just giving false hope to make a quick buck? I’d often wondered the same thing.
That’s why four years ago I set off across the globe with Michael Beattie to film That Vitamin Movie. I had the privilege of interviewing 23 experts on using vitamins to halt and heal disease. It was a life changing time for both of us.
Only a year before I had seen my own “ten years plus” history with depression halted in it’s tracks with a simple vitamin protocol. Now Mike and I were sitting in the same room as some of the people who formulated and perfected these treatments. It was mind blowing for both of us.
We also sat with world class doctors who had pioneered Vitamin C cancer treatments – and we got to ask them all about it in great detail.
One of the frustrating things about finally making the film was that we had to condense all of that footage (over 18 hours) down to an hour and a half. [Some fantastic footage was left out] as you can imagine.
So next Thursday we are making a lot more of those interviews freely available for you to see. It’s part of an event called Vitamin Mastery. Each day there will be two full length interviews from the movie as well as two other interviews from the most recent ”Vitamin Summit” AND a daily episode of a foundational course on vitamins and nutrition from Andrew Saul. It’s called the Nutritional Fortress. That’s a lot of vitamin wisdom right there.
There’s no cost to join us and all the presentations stay online for 24 hours.
We cover cancer, depression, ADHD, heart issues, diabetes and much more at
I’d love to see you there.
PS. I forgot to say – you can actually see the full documentary “That Vitamin Movie” in glorious HD right now. [It’s free for the next five days at]

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