Save Our Habitat

Save Our Habitat
Australia’s national environment laws are a laughing stock. They don’t work. Nature is in decline and the Australian Government seems to have little interest in fixing the problem.
Over the past month, The Guardian has published a damning series of important articles revealing the complete breakdown of Australia’s environment laws and a total lack of care by the Turnbull Government.1 Old growth forests are being logged, hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest and woodlands are being cleared, and action to protect endangered and threatened species is either not happening or is woefully inadequate.
Case in point is the farcical draft National Strategy for Nature which experts have called a “global embarrassment”.
The government quietly released the strategy before Christmas. The new plan scraps targets for protecting the environment. It doesn’t even mention new nature laws or the need for an independent watchdog.
It is time to get angry, to get vocal and to get active.
The draft National Strategy for Nature is open for public submissions for another three weeks. Your voice matters—so make sure it’s heard.
Click here to send a quick email to the government telling it that Australia needs a real plan for nature.
We’ve got until 16 March to send a powerful and clear message: this national strategy doesn’t cut it, and the government needs to go back to the drawing board.
National environment laws shouldn’t be about ticking off big developments, like they are now. They should be about making wildlife safe from extinction, and protecting nature from the chainsaws and the bulldozers.
This is what I qwrote:
The lack of a master plan for protecting our natural habitat is contributing to a colossal failure to create a desirable future for our children.
Criminals are irresponsible, short-sighted and cannot conceive consequences.
One could argue that irresponsible, short sighted actions that do not contribute to an improved environment are criminally negligent.
Don’t be criminally negligent with our children’s future!

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