Cause Of Death In Elderly

Cause Of Death In Elderly

From my experience the problem has a few facets. I recall a quote “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

The same might be said in a large measure about health.

When you talk to people about improving their health and longevity most are not interested or pay lip service.

When my wife Julie was spending $2,000,000 a year on clothes (fortunately I did not have to pay the bill, she was a fashion buyer for 25 shops) one time a supplier held up a garment for her and said, “This is for the fashion victims.”

Julie queried him and he responded, “A ‘fashion victim’ is someone who will buy the latest fashion item regardless of whether or not it looks good on them or not.” Remember muffin tops?

Most people are taste victims, they eat what tastes good, regardless of whether or not it is destructive to their health. Sugar is addictive. Apparently 8 times more addictive than cocaine. If you want to be successful we should set up a Sugarholics Anonymous for the taste victims!

Change Your Diet, Heal Your Gut, Restore Your Health

Change Your Diet, Heal Your Gut, Restore Your Health

Never a truer word spoken by Dr Peter Dingle!
Old and sage advice. Despite the fact that I am a food manufacturer I often quote Jack LaLanne, “If man made it, don’t eat it.” and “If it tastes good, spit it out!” (He might have gone half a step too far on that last one. LOL!)

“Who’s looking out for scientific integrity?”

Leemon McHenry PhD

As much of the world rushes to receive a lightly-tested pharmaceutical product, we thought it was high time to look again at the (very) big business of medicine.
Leemon McHenry, PhD, guides us to the fraudulent core of ghostwritten studies, captured legislators, revolving-door regulatory agencies, pay-to-play medical journals, and the “key opinion leaders” who lend their academic credentials to giant corporations…for a price.
With every stage in the process seemingly structured for corruption, we can only wonder along with Professor McHenry: “Who’s looking out for scientific integrity?”
By the time you finish this episode of Perspectives, you might just roll down your sleeve for a rethink.

The Australian government have just advised the AstraZeneca jab should not be administered to those under 60 years of age after a 52 year old woman died of a brain clot last week.

Getting The Jab

Here is another instance why:

“18 year old Camilla Canepa received the first dose on May 25. She checked into the emergency room on June 3, complaining of severe headaches and extreme light sensitivity. A CT scan and neurological tests found nothing, so doctors discharged her with an order to return in 15 days for further tests. But she returned to the ER just two days later, now suffering from paralysis.

Camilla was diagnosed with cavernous sinus thrombosis, meaning a blood clot in the space between the eye sockets and brain. It blocked the primary vein between the head and heart. Doctors also discovered that she was bleeding inside her brain. She underwent two surgeries, one to remove the blood clot and the second to relieve pressure in her head caused by the bleeding. But the damage was too great to overcome.

Camilla passed away on June 10. Trust the $cience.”