Farmer Debunks Corporate Propaganda Against Proposed Law to Label Genetically Modified Food

I’ve been a farmer for more than 40 years. While I no longer live or farm in California, I do co-manage 120 acres of farmland in Vermont, and I know that a GMO labeling law passed in California will have widespread implications for consumers and farmers in every state in the country. As a farmer who has experience in both conventional and organic farming, I’m compelled to address the anti-labeling campaign’s so-called ‘concerns’ for farmers and consumers.

"The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan" by Monica Reinagel

I was asked this morning if bread and rice were inflammatory. In looking for evidence to provide I referred to a couple of sites I thought you might find interesting.
Inflammation causes pain, cardiovascular disease risk and is responsible for speeding up the aging process. Monica Reinagel’s book “The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan” explains how the foods you eat can make make inflammation worse or reduce inflammation to improve your health risks and help you to feel better and lose weight.
If you are the sort of person who likes to do things by hand, there is a great site where you can check out the inflammation rating and nutrient content of a great many foods. It is
If you have too little time for that, here is a book that will simplify your inflammation-free meal choices.

Deliberate Destruction of Biodiversity

There are a few ways you, too, can get involved to express your opinion and help get this ISO rescinded. Remember this impacts not only the state of Michigan, but could also set a worrisome precedent that affects the rest of the United States as well. FTCLDF explained:
“There are reports that a number of other states are looking to see whether Michigan DNR gets away with enforcing this ISO because, if they do, other states will be trying to implement the exact same thing.”
To get involved and take a stand to protect your right to food freedom and small farmer’s rights:
Sign the online petition opposing the ISO
Send a fax to Governor Snyder asking him to order MDNR to rescind the ISO
Follow up with phone calls to let Governor Snyder know that we will not let up until justice is rendered and the ISO rescinded (517-335-7858)

Instructions for Microsoft's TV dinner

Computer types will get a chuckle out of this.
WARNING: Do not look at his joke unless it has been at least 3 days since you have had to reboot your computer, 14 days since it crashed on its own or 36 days since you have had to reinstall Windows and reload all your programs. Violation of this caveat may result in increased blood pressure, seizure, apoplectic fit or in some cases, stroke, death or worse.
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