Failed Buzz to fall off Google+

Google has announced its intention to drop Buzz, the failed social predecessor to Google+. Other products swept out in the latest cleanup round include open source code scouring tool Code Search, social product Jaiku, iGoogle social features and API access to Google search for selected researchers. This year Google has also taken down Google Health, Power Meter, Google Labs and Google Toolbar in Firefox amongst others.
Gee. Would make one wary of throwing any time behind developing for a Google app wouldn’t it?,failed-buzz-to-fall-off-google.aspx

The War Against Our Freedoms Rages On

The war rages on. A private company wants its own Internet Kill Switch: Verisign controls the assignment of .com and .net domain names — and makes nearly $700 million each year to do it. Now it’s seeking the power to take down websites whenever governments wants them censored.
It could implement the Internet Blacklist Bill that’s pending before Congress. And it could help governments censor political speech abroad — or, eventually, here in the United States.
The group that regulates domain name assignments — and would need to approve Verisign’s request — is called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN.
Will you urge ICANN to reject Verisign’s request for its own Kill Switch? Just click here: