Money Kills

Money Kills
The caption is incomplete or incorrect.
An inanimate object is not to blame for how it is used or misused.
Money is merely an idea backed by confidence. Withdraw the confidence in it and it loses its value.
Think of money as a vote and support for where you are spending it.
Stop supporting those who do evil with money and you are withdrawing support from them.
There needs to be enough money in existence to exchange the value of goods and services produced in the economy. No more and no less. If you have more money than the value of goods and services you get inflation. If there is less money than the value of goods and services you get deflation.
If the government creates the money instead of borrowing it from a private source (as it should) in the correct relationship to the goods and services being brought into existence then there is neither inflation nor deflation and no increasing debt.
Financial management of a country it is that simple.
It is made more complex in order to confuse and control people.

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