Extraterrestrial Mummy Found in Egypt

Alien Mummy
The body of a perfectly preserved, carefully mummified alien was found buried in an ancient pyramid. A mysterious creature from between 150 and 160 centimeters was found by an archaeologist near Lahun when exploring a small pyramid near the Dynasty doceaba of Senusret II. However, this fact was not revealed immediately. “The mummy of what appears to be an alien, dates back more than 2000 years and it seems it would be a humanoid” said a source at the Egyptian Antiquities Department, who provided details and photographs of the find but did so under condition anonymity. ”
These alien like remains have created much controversy in the world.
Some online sources said that this is a species-due to its fur and reptilian traits that characterize them, such as their eyes, being too large and oval shaped. Inscriptions on the tomb of the mummy showed that the king was a counselor named Osirunet, meaning star or sent from heaven. The mummified body was buried with great respect and care, accompanied by a number of strange objects far from the archaeological museum managers can not identify.
According to Egyptian sources, the alien mummy was discovered by Dr. Viktor Lubek, Czechoslovakian citizen and retired professor of the University of Pennsylvania. Archaeologist located the hidden compartment while conducting an investigation into a small pyramid south of the main pyramid, Senusret II, which contains the queen of the pharaoh. Also found were some gold and clay mixtures covering the body, and traces of cloth linen like appearance covering the skin of the mysterious being.
Objects containing the tomb include artifacts made of a synthetic type that nobody can identify. No one has found similar elements in other Egyptian tombs, so the discovery is very importance for archaeology.
The anonymous messenger who obtained the information also said that the discovery has caused great consternation among Egyptian officials, who want to keep it hidden until a more plausible explanation for the strange mummy is found. The government has consulted a number of respected archaeologists, but to date none can explain the finding in ordinary terms.
“The truth is, that every expert who has seen the mummy have concluded that it is not of earthly origin,” said the source. “There is a sense that this is an alien who somehow ended up advising an Egyptian king.” But everyone in the government is moving away from that conclusion that would support the new ideas that the ancient Egyptians had help from aliens in building their extraordinary civilization. “The Egyptians refuse to believe that their heritage came from outer space.”

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