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  1. Thanks for your comment.
    My view is hat there are a great many aspects to any religion.
    There will be things others agree with and things with which others disagree.
    We can look for points with which to agree or we can look for points with which to disagree.
    The former leads to harmony, the latter to discord.
    I believe that each man and woman should be allowed to choose what is true for them.
    That is their right and to do otherwise would not be allowing them freedom of choice.
    To do otherwise is not holding true to your own personal integrity.
    And when you lose that you have lost everything.
    Again, my opinion is that ANY man of ANY religion who wants to fights another over his beliefs is not embodying the highest philosophy of his religion.
    People have good and bad intentions.
    Very few bad intentioned people will be honest about the fact that they want to harm or destroy just for the sake of harming or destroying.
    So they mask their destructive intentions behinds a cloak of “doing good”.
    The true test is, is the product of their actions a creation or a destruction?
    We get what we intend.
    If we intend to create, we get creation.
    If we intend to destroy, we get destruction.
    No matter how we attempt to mask it, the results show the intention.

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