German Corona Policy Political Crisis

Robert Koch Intitute

Release of heavily redacted German government documents obtained under court order by the German alternative media magazine “Multipolar” are shaking up German politics on the eve of the critical 2024 European Parliament election in Germany, which is scheduled to be held on 9 June 2024. The documents reveal COVIDcrisis policy interactions and deference by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) public health scientists to unnamed politicians. The over 1,000 pages of these German language redacted documents can currently be downloaded from this website.

Despite extensive redactions (ergo censorship) in the currently released documents, one key fact which has been revealed is that politician(s) overrode RKI scientists and physicians to enact mandated but counterproductive COVID public health policies. The identity of these politicians were redacted, but they may reside within the German government, or may be from the superior European Union (which can and often does overrule the semi-autonomous German Bundestag). Separate disclosures have revealed what appears to be insider dealing with mRNA vaccine manufacturer Pfizer (“Pfizergate”) by Ursula von der Leyen, who has served as President of the European Commission since 1 December 2019, following nomination by the European Council and election by the European Parliament. A lawsuit to force disclosure of the hidden negotiations and communications between Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer is currently pending in Belgium. Neither the European Parliament, the European Council nor the President of the European Commission are directly elected by the general European populace.

On March 20, “Multipolar” published an editorial summarizing the current situation. Suffice to say, if this alternative media outlet succeeds in forcing more complete, unredacted publication of the RKI document trove, the consequences for the upcoming EU Parliament election and EU political stability are unpredictable. Not surprisingly, German corporate media is currently attempting to smear “Multipolar” by linking the publication and founders to a putative but undocumented Russian influence campaign. The “Multipolar” editorial published below for the first time in machine translated English provides a succinct summary of relevant events to date. It will behoove voters from throughout Europe, the United States, and the Five Eyes Alliance Nations (US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand) to closely monitor what happens next. Those concerned with personal and national sovereignty, and with the creeping techno-totalitarianism which characterizes current times can learn much from what happened in Germany as well as the reaction of the German people to learning the details of how these arbitrary and capricious actions were imposed on them.