Methylene Blue Prevents And Reverses Prion Disease, Amyloid and Rubbery Clot Formation, Binds Hydrogel Polymers, Dissolves Nanotech Building Blocks

(Tom: GREAT NEWS this week. A researcher has identified how to dissolve the rubbery clots that 70% of embalmers are seeing in people who have died post Covid jab!)

In this article, I review multiple studies that discuss Methylene Blue as a disolver of amyloid and prion polymers which are not only created by the body “naturally” but can be externally intorduced for nanotechnological purposes. Prions are highly infectious. Both Amyloid and Prion like peptides have been used to build hydrogel, and nanotechnological devices and biosensors. These are the building blocks for the Brain Computer Interface and WBAN bidirectional telemetry surveillance.

Methylene Blue should be considered as a preventative and therapeutic option in combination with high dose Vitamin C, EDTA and other supportive treatments for the inhibition and disolution of the rubbery clot formation, C19 bioweapon induced prion disease and amyloidosis, as well as a potent disolver of the self assembly nanotechnology assault on humanity.