If It Looks Like A Rat, Smells Like A Rat and Sounds Like A Rat…

John Skerritt

If it looks, sounds and smells like corruption … well, maybe we should trust our senses.

John Skerritt, the man who signed off on the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in this country, has taken a high-paying job with Medicines Australia, an organisation that advocates on behalf of the nation’s biggest pharmaceutical companies.
As the former head of the TGA, Skerritt was responsible for authorising the experimental mRNA vaccines. He did so based on only a few months of clinical trial data, despite serious unaddressed concerns about their safety and effectiveness.
The products he hastily approved have since been linked to a shockingly high rate of SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENTS, especially among children. Their rollout coincided with a significant increase in EXCESS MORTALITY which, to this day, nobody in the government has even attempted to explain.
And as we all now know, the vaccines didn’t even stop us from getting infected.
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