2 Post-Covid Jab Stories

If you did not get the Covid jab, well done. Two recent stories from Twitter:

Dr David Cartland share:


Sent anonymously shared with permission:

I’m private messaging you from a friends phone! With her permission of course.
I work in a NHS hospital. It’s evident we are seeing patients presenting with turbo cancers, strokes, Guillian Barre ! They are all so young with aggressive stage 4 ovarian/lung/liver metastasis and although Dr’s are passing comment nobody is really raising concern!

We were pushed to take the vaccine and declined! Our jobs threatened and all colleagues turned their back on us!

We were moments from losing our jobs until the mandatory vaccines withdrawn!

They are still moving around the hospital trying to give the vaccine!

Everyone so frightened to discuss it because most have had the jab! Others don’t want to start the conversation and are scared of the consequences!

So frightened for the future


RAISED BY WOLVES @dogmomjenn writes:

26 of us from the “covid unit” were fired in ’21 for refusing the experimental shot. 6 charge RNs included. Some of the best nurses I’ve worked with.

We saw what the “pandemic” was (crickets chirping) and what happened after the shot came out (ER exploded with business).

Besides personally knowing a respiratory therapist who got fast growing esophageal cancer out of the blue and died, my friends healthy 20 year old dropped dead and was found by his dorm mate. No conclusions by autopsy. He was an athlete. I’m sure he had an arrhythmia that caused his heart to stop from spike protein damage.

I’ve been an RN 19 years. I’ve worked in acute hospital care my entire career. Much of that has been in the float pool, so I see all the adult specialties: cardiac, neuro, surgery, oncology, orthopedics, general medical.

I keep track of all my patients’ c-19 Vax history and their hospital presentation. Most have had 2-8 shots at this point. The more shots they’ve had, the worse off they are, it seems. Many head toward comfort/hospice.

I could recite countless stories of what I’ve seen over the past three years, but there are hippa laws that prevent me from doing so. It’s all the usual stuff: heart attacks, strokes, new onset seizures, brain tumors, uncontrolled afib, cancers coming out of remission and new cancers, vertigo-falls-broken bones(a lot of this), blood clots, super infections, fungal infections, new onset altered mental status and early onset dementia. The stuff you’ve been hearing about. You probably know someone with one or more of these.

While the pro Vax crowd would call this anecdotal, I know this shot has targeted genetic weakness and accelerated problems that may not have been showing up at all if people’s immune systems hadn’t been suppressed by the spike protein damage.

I have never seen anything like this in 19 years. Thankfully, I was only off 2 months, but I had to relocate to get a job with exemption. I’m a mole in the system warning my patients and coworkers not to get any more boosters. One person at a time.

Aren’t nurses one of the most trusted professions? Jenn