Have your say on the Vaccine Indemnity Bill

Senator Ralph Babet writes:
It has been a big few weeks in Canberra. I returned home a few days ago and have just found a moment to sit down and reflect on everything we have achieved.
I successfully introduced to the Senate our Vaccine Indemnity Bill. This bill seeks to prevent the finance minister from granting indemnity to vaccine manufacturers. Introducing this bill was not easy, but we were able to secure the support of the Coalition, Greens and all crossbenchers to refer our bill to a Senate Committee for review. CLICK HERE to download Frequently Asked Questions.
The great thing about this committee process is that you will be able to have your say on the bill and put in a submission. This submission does not need to be a novel, it can be as simple as your personal thoughts and opinions. 
My bill is open to public submissions for the next six weeks, so please share this far and wide, we need as many submissions as possible. Click the button below to make a submission.